Eight ways to help the high yield of peanuts

Xuguang peanut teach you eight strokes to promote the high yield of peanut:
1. selected varieties. Selection of new varieties of high yield and quality, such as Luhua 14, Huayu 16, 8802 - 1, double 20 etc..
2., deep enough base fertilizer. Land before the first shop, applying a layer of farmyard manure, 2500 kg per 667 square miesch. At the same time with ridging per 667 square Misch 15 kg urea, superphosphate 50 kg, 15 kg potassium chloride.  
3. to ensure that the density is reasonable. According to the film peanut ridge distance 90 cm, 70 cm wide ridge, two rows of peanut seed, each 667 square meters about 7400 plants.
4. peanut topping. In the rosette stage, the stem will truncate, leaving only two of the first branch. After the removal of the main stem, the first pair of lateral branches increased by 1.2 to 2.7 cm, and second pairs of lateral branches increased by 9~10 cm, and the yield increased by 10% to 14%.
5. soil pressure. Late flowering, choose a sunny day afternoon, in the middle of a flower tree pressure pig, sheep and a small amount of phosphorus, and the earth pressure two or three. The soil is irrigated and the soil is irrigated in drought.
6. spray of Paclobutrazol, rational control. 30~50 days after the flowering of the peanut, the 0.1% concentration of Paclobutrazol was sprayed on the leaf surface to prevent the canopy from lodging.
7. foliage spraying fertilizer. The spray flowering stage and podding stage, under a high available foliar fertilizer, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate.
8. earth attack cone. Not covered in the first batch of peanut fruit needle buried after the deep earth hoe second batch of fruit needle just long time. The second flowering season.
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