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Peanut, as one of the traditional foods loved by the people, has been known as "evergreen fruit" since ancient times. As the saying goes, "Eating peanuts often can keep you healthy". Main products: Qingdao peanuts, peanut food, peanut products Introduction: Research has found that peanuts have certain medicinal value and health functions.
[Lowering cholesterol]: Peanut oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which can decompose cholesterol into bile acid and excrete it from the body, avoid cholesterol deposition in the body, and reduce the incidence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by cholesterol exceeding the normal value in the body.
[Delaying human aging]: The content of zinc in peanut is generally higher than that of other oil-bearing crops. Zinc can promote the brain development of children, enhance the memory function of the brain, activate the brain cells of middle-aged and elderly people, effectively delay premature aging of the human body, and has anti-aging effect.
[Promote the development of children's bones]: Peanuts are rich in calcium, which can promote the development of children's bones and prevent the occurrence of bone degenerative diseases in the elderly. Peanuts are rich in fat oil and protein, which can nourish blood and milk for those who have insufficient milk after childbirth.
[Cancer prevention]: peanut and peanut oil contain a natural polyphenol with strong biological activity - resveratrol.
It is a natural chemical preventive agent for tumor diseases, and can also reduce platelet aggregation, prevent and treat atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Resveratrol is listed as one of the most effective anti-aging substances. The peanut, peanut oil and other related peanut products rich in resveratrol will play a greater role in diet and health.
The main products include various kinds of graded peanut kernels, peanut nuts, peeled peanuts, peeled half peanuts, ground peanuts, roasted peanuts, roasted peanut kernels and other peanut products. The company has passed the HACCP food safety control system certification, food production license certification, export filing certification, EU organic peanut certification and BRC certification of the British Retail Association.

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